Doping for Mathletes

It’s happened to me more than once. Someone has asked you a question to which you know the answer thoroughly and can explain the intimate details clearly and comprehensively, but instead you stare wide-eyed in bewilderment and gape “Uhh…”. Frustration knows no greater ally than gaps in memory. Fortunately, help may be on the way. In this week’s issue of science researchers share findings that overexpression of a certain gene improves recall of long-term memory in rats.

The Persistence of Memory


Sure there are lots of therapeutic applications of a memory enhancer, the elderly or people on medication (or temporarily off their levothyroxine) for example, but imagine the effect on students.  Would there be mandatory pee tests outside the exam halls? Or better yet, with greater recall perhaps less time would need to be spent in school in the first place. Who would need 4+ years to study a subject if you never forget a formula, name, quote, or date? If concepts were not so easily lost in the drifting sands of the mind, how much more quickly would the sum of human knowledge increase?

That being said, I wonder what the woman who can’t forget would say about it.

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