Half Baked

I got up extra early this morning. Why? Food of course.  Today was designated as a baking bonanza day! And since cooking involves science I feel it’s appropriate to share my day here. I’ve been looking forward to this baking exploit for a couple of days. Not only do I get to wear a super awesome apron, but cooking, and especially baking, is a great way for me to relieve stress (I suspect it has something to do with the delicious outcomes).  This past week has been kinda hectic for me – I moved in with a total stranger and her 2 cats (one of which I’m pretty sure is plotting my murder), I started my summer job, I’ve been at my parents house since Wednesday, and I’m off my meds. Serious baking therapy required.

Tools needed for baking.

While I waited for my parents to vacate the kitchen, I (somewhat over ambitiously) made a list of things I planned to bake:

– Rice Krispie treats (veggie style)                                                                                                   – Muffins (2 kinds)                                                                                                                               – Oatmeal cookies (with chocolate chips)                                                                                         – Peanut butter cookies                                                                                                                      – Cinnamon rolls                                                                                                                                   – Scones (pumpkin perhaps?)

One of my friends recently “tweeted” about her Rice Krispie treats – making me crave my own.  Unfortunately as a vegetarian I can’t eat marshmallows.  Fortunately I can eat Mars Bars (similar to the American Milky Way bar – not to be confused with the European version of Milky Way, which is similar to the US 3 Musketeers).  Using Mars Bars in place of marshmallows results in a wonderfully chocolate version of the traditional square:

Using dark chocolate Mars Bars makes them extra rich!

About ½ way through the first batch of cookies I began to wish for a mixer. Still, I think things worked out ok. Before 1 pm I had just fewer than 4 dozen muffins (pumpkin and another kind that need renaming  –> as pointed out by my mature friends);

Giant bowl of muffins

As well as 2 dozen slightly well-done peanut butter cookies and just over 5 dozen oatmeal cookies:

What 7 dozen cookies looks like.

At this point I had finished all the dishes, put stuff away, felt pretty de-stressed, and was thinking that some time reading my book outside in the sun was just what I needed. Scones and cinnamon rolls will have to wait (of course, there’s always tomorrow).

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5 Responses to Half Baked

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  2. thesavvystudent says:

    Baking is so relaxing! Seriously one of the best de-stressers out there. And then you get to enjoy what you’ve made afterwards!


  3. BrocStar says:

    Holy crap! What do you do with all those baked goods?!


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