Feeling rested?

If you’re not in Arizona, Hawaii, Saskatchewan, or bits and pieces of other provinces, welcome back to standard time! I hope everyone remembered to roll back their clocks last night and slept in guilt-free. After all, 36% of us suffer regular sleep loss from unfriendly work schedules or physiological conditions.

Truthfully though, I’m more interested in my safety than your beauty sleep. According to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine,

“the spring shift to daylight savings time, and the concomitant loss of one hour of sleep, resulted in an average increase in traffic accidents of approximately 8 percent, whereas the fall shift resulted in a decrease in accidents of approximately the same magnitude immediately after the time shift.”

Which is to say that today is the safest day of the year to go for a drive simply because more people are well rested.

Imagine, the key to safer roads is as simple as deciding as a community that an extra hour of sleep is more important than watching that Grey’s Anatomy rerun.

Sometimes bad things happen after late-night TV.

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