Evolution in Canadian Currency*

Today the world is a little awsomer than it was yesterday. Why? Because the Royal Canadian Mint has been taken over by twelve year olds.

On April 16th (just 4 days!), the mint will release a new quarter design:

Canadians love to put theropods on coins. Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai http://www.mint.ca

But wait. It gets better.

How is that even possible?!?!?


The skeleton of Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai http://www.mint.ca

It’s a (insert choice of expletive exclamation here) glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton coin!!! That’s right all you other countries, Canada now has photo-luminescent currency.

The only way it could be more like the margins of my grade six math notebook is if it were fighting a series of jet-pack robot pirate dimes.

The design is the first of 4 in a new Prehistoric Creatures collection and only 25000 will be minted. You can purchase them (at a super inflation rate) for $30 from Canada Post outlets or the mint website


*Seriously, you can track evolution through Canadian coins. The penny is going extinct, we have dinosaurs on our quarters, followed by birds on our $1, mammals on the $2, humans on the $5, and microchips in the future.  Maybe some protozoa on our nickles to even things out?
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