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The Twelve Days of Christmas (or, what am I going to do with all these birds?)

A fun question was put to me yesterday that’s sure to put the math-minded in the holiday spirit: “How many of each gift is given in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas?” Beginning at the beginning, the Partridge in … Continue reading

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Tell Someone “No”, Get Called a “Whore” – #StandingwithDNLee #batsignal

Everyone needs to speak out against this kind of thing and stop ignoring it. Shaking our heads and sighing is not a good enough solution. Thank-you for sharing your story and for standing up!

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Education is a right. Right?

All over my campus there are posters and flyers informing me that post-secondary education is a right, not a privilege, and that I should joint the fight against rising tuition fees. Many places in Canada, where a majority of the … Continue reading

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I just want to take a minute and say congratulations to Matt who is GRADUATING TODAY!! He’s successfully finished his 4-year undergrad with many distinctions. His family, friends, and I’m sure our 5 blog readers, are all extremely proud of … Continue reading

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What Do You Mean I’m Eating Duck Feathers?!

But I suppose it’s better than eating human hair. Confused? Let me back track. Sometimes being a vegetarian is difficult. And I’m not just talking about the temptation of eating meat. At times, I don’t even know I’m consuming animal … Continue reading

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Water Woes

Like many people, I tend to carry a water bottle around with me most of the time. Unlike a lot of those other people, however, I actually enjoy drinking the contents. I love water, and drinking it continually throughout the … Continue reading

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Scientific Journal Retractions are Definitely Not on the Rise

A disturbing trend is developing: the number of retractions in scientific journals is increasing at an exponential rate. This article found in the April 16th New York Times  gives a good description of the problem and a couple of its causes. In … Continue reading

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Evolution in Canadian Currency*

Today the world is a little awsomer than it was yesterday. Why? Because the Royal Canadian Mint has been taken over by twelve year olds. On April 16th (just 4 days!), the mint will release a new quarter design: But … Continue reading

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Too Hot For Nuts? Warm Winter Hurts Acorn Crop

So? So what. Who cares about acorns. Um…squirrels…obviously. And the people at this website. No really, who cares about acorns? I mean, let’s talk about the poor maple syrup harvest, early strawberries, or low water tables – these things are important, not … Continue reading

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tooth Staining and More! (way, waaaaaaay more).

About 3 weeks ago, Lisa asked us why adding cream to your coffee (or milk to your tea for those of us with British heritage) would prevent or reduce staining to your teeth.  When I first started looking into this … Continue reading

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