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Evolution in Canadian Currency*

Today the world is a little awsomer than it was yesterday. Why? Because the Royal Canadian Mint has been taken over by twelve year olds. On April 16th (just 4 days!), the mint will release a new quarter design: But … Continue reading

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Disclaimer: Don’t Blame Us If You Try This At Home (we’re not even sure why we did it…)

Due to some unforeseen medical complications with Genevieve’s “condition,” we were not able to proceed with the second half of our frozen jeans experiment. HUGE apologies! It will definitely be done in the New Year.  Not wanting to leave you … Continue reading

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Daddy, how many atoms are in me?

So asked my 8 year old daughter tonight. Never one to discourage curiosity or budding scientific inquiry, I answered “Lots and lots! Now finish your dinner.” The look she shot back told me she had been hoping for a little more … Continue reading

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Thyroid Schmiroid.

My memory of examining the thyroid gland in gross anatomy goes something like this:    “Is that it?” Points to indistinguishable blob of tissue in the neck.                                         “No, I think this is it.” Points to another indistinguishable blob of tissue.                           “Oh.”                                                                                                                                                 … Continue reading

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