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The Twelve Days of Christmas (or, what am I going to do with all these birds?)

A fun question was put to me yesterday that’s sure to put the math-minded in the holiday spirit: “How many of each gift is given in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas?” Beginning at the beginning, the Partridge in … Continue reading

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Water Woes

Like many people, I tend to carry a water bottle around with me most of the time. Unlike a lot of those other people, however, I actually enjoy drinking the contents. I love water, and drinking it continually throughout the … Continue reading

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Evolution in Canadian Currency*

Today the world is a little awsomer than it was yesterday. Why? Because the Royal Canadian Mint has been taken over by twelve year olds. On April 16th (just 4 days!), the mint will release a new quarter design: But … Continue reading

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I might be suffering from Permanent head Damage (PhD)

In an attempt to avoid adult life and responsibility for even longer, I’ve decided that after 7 years of post-secondary education what I really needed was 4 more. Three weeks ago I started a PhD program in Biology at a … Continue reading

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To All Our Bovine Readers…

YOU’RE WELCOME! Today the United Nations announced the eradication of the contagious viral disease rinderpest today at the 37th Food and Agriculture Organisation conference in Rome. Whether you know it or not, this is a big deal. Rinderpest now joins … Continue reading

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Bacon Please

When people learn I’m a vegetarian they will often ask if I plan on ever eating meat again.  While I like to convince myself that the answer is a definitive “no” (although a lot could happen in everland), an article … Continue reading

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Doping for Mathletes

It’s happened to me more than once. Someone has asked you a question to which you know the answer thoroughly and can explain the intimate details clearly and comprehensively, but instead you stare wide-eyed in bewilderment and gape “Uhh…”. Frustration … Continue reading

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Some Clever and Charming Title!

Welcome to our blog! Soon this whole site will be filled with the extraordinary and a good dose of ordinary, too.  Just wait. It’s coming. SCIENCE IS COMING! We really need to have something to talk about before we start … Continue reading

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