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Tell Someone “No”, Get Called a “Whore” – #StandingwithDNLee #batsignal

Everyone needs to speak out against this kind of thing and stop ignoring it. Shaking our heads and sighing is not a good enough solution. Thank-you for sharing your story and for standing up! Advertisements

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Education is a right. Right?

All over my campus there are posters and flyers informing me that post-secondary education is a right, not a privilege, and that I should joint the fight against rising tuition fees. Many places in Canada, where a majority of the … Continue reading

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I just want to take a minute and say congratulations to Matt who is GRADUATING TODAY!! He’s successfully finished his 4-year undergrad with many distinctions. His family, friends, and I’m sure our 5 blog readers, are all extremely proud of … Continue reading

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What Do You Mean I’m Eating Duck Feathers?!

But I suppose it’s better than eating human hair. Confused? Let me back track. Sometimes being a vegetarian is difficult. And I’m not just talking about the temptation of eating meat. At times, I don’t even know I’m consuming animal … Continue reading

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Water Woes

Like many people, I tend to carry a water bottle around with me most of the time. Unlike a lot of those other people, however, I actually enjoy drinking the contents. I love water, and drinking it continually throughout the … Continue reading

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Scientific Journal Retractions are Definitely Not on the Rise

A disturbing trend is developing: the number of retractions in scientific journals is increasing at an exponential rate. This article found in the April 16th New York Times  gives a good description of the problem and a couple of its causes. In … Continue reading

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Evolution in Canadian Currency*

Today the world is a little awsomer than it was yesterday. Why? Because the Royal Canadian Mint has been taken over by twelve year olds. On April 16th (just 4 days!), the mint will release a new quarter design: But … Continue reading

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To Freeze or Not to Freeze (seriously, this is an actual question)

A friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous) recently informed me that he no longer washes his jeans – instead, he sticks them in the freezer overnight. If your face is currently contorting into some incredulous, squinty-eyed configuration, don’t panic! … Continue reading

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Burned by Bad Science

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus, hopefully it won’t be quite so long between posts from now on! We received a question wondering how flour works to prevent burns accompanied by Suzanne’s experience with the remedy. Short answer: it doesn’t. Shenanigans has … Continue reading

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Hello Twitter

This must be limited to 140 characters or else a bird will attack. Thank you.

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