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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tooth Staining and More! (way, waaaaaaay more).

About 3 weeks ago, Lisa asked us why adding cream to your coffee (or milk to your tea for those of us with British heritage) would prevent or reduce staining to your teeth.  When I first started looking into this … Continue reading

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Tempest in a Teacup

What’s that you say? You want ANOTHER post on the physical properties of hot, caffeinated liquids? Well, you’re in luck! I know I’m sitting on the edge of my seat… In this month’s issue of Physics Today (sorry, articles are … Continue reading

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Why does cooled tea seem colder than room temperature?

Hey! What do you know? Another question about hot beverages! (I sense a theme……) Daroyln asks why cold tea and coffee seem colder than room temperature.  Let’s start off with the obvious point: cold tea is NOT colder than its … Continue reading

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Does coffee cool faster than tea?

Hey gang, here’s one I’ve been curious about. Why does it seem like coffee is barely tepid halfway done, but the last cautious sip of tea is still mouth-scaldingly hot? Different starting temperatures? Some effect of adding milk? Crazy delusion? … Continue reading

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Why does old milk curdle in coffee?

Our good friend at Pawsitive Life wants to know why old milk curdles in coffee. First, here’s the theory: So, what makes milk curdle at all? Curdling is the coagulation of milk proteins. Though usually thought of as undesirable, the … Continue reading

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