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Water Woes

Like many people, I tend to carry a water bottle around with me most of the time. Unlike a lot of those other people, however, I actually enjoy drinking the contents. I love water, and drinking it continually throughout the … Continue reading

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And now for a water bottle that WON’T melt

Remember how that nice BPA free bottle melted in a hot car? (but the skittles didn’t?) Obviously a cheapo water bottle would shrivel and disappear in a 1200°C campfire, right? That’s about 2192 °F for our American readers. Right. Yes. … Continue reading

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Super Cool(ed) Experiment

Our next experiment comes courtesy of a friend of mine after an experience he had while serving overseas.  On hot days in the desert the boys would get some refreshing entertainment by pulling out a bottle of water from their … Continue reading

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